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2013/1-2. English Summary

István Dobó – Dóra Lévai – Renáta Tóth – Adrienn Papp-Danka: Értékteremtés és produktivitás a digitális állampolgárság kompetenciarendszerében ICT with online activities provide unlimited opportunities for users. The continuous growth of information and sharable content is inherent in the productive use of the Internet. However, it raises the question of the digital citizenship’s attitude towards sharing content. This question is particularly relevant for today’s education, because we...

2012/1-2. English Summary

Zsolt Námesztovszki – Glušac Dragana – Branka Arsović: Pupils’ motivation level in a traditional and in an IT educational environment The main aim of this paper is to describe the created traditional and IT educational environments, as well as to publish the research results. Our survey assessed the differences in motivation levels in a traditional and in an IT educational environment. We used modern teaching tools in the educational environment enriched with IT, such as laptop, interactive...

2011/3-4. English Summary

Adrienn Ujhelyi: Online groups inside and out. Online communities’ social psychological observation This paper is about the most important results of the author’s doctoral dissertation, based on several empiric research results. It discusses online groups in view of social psychological approach looking for similarities and differencies between online and offline groups. The study aims to explore the entitativity of different types of online groups (e.g. Facebookers, Youtube users, role players). Janos...

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